Thermal Electric Power Plants

Geothermal Energy & Solar Thermal & Clean Green Fossil Fuel Energy

Bankset Energy is developing a global solution of renewable energy systems and operates a comprehensive range of steam turbine engines from 10 MW to 2000 MW power plants installations. With superior technology and experience, continuous development in steam turbine technology, Bankset Energy has stayed at the forefront of development and is a prime partner for reliable electricity production for the Grid. As in simple cycle applications the steam turbine is the main drive for power generation and perfectly compatible with a sophisticated renewable energy strategy. To improve overall efficiency, exhaust heat from Geothermal technology, Solar Thermal or Clean Green Gas and Oil powered turbines is used to produce steam for the generation of additional electricity by a steam turbine engine.

It provides an optimum balance between capital cost, plant performance, and operational and maintenance considerations. Pre-engineered modular options have been developed to further address individual needs, as well as life-cycle cost enhancements.

  • High efficiency
  • Low or zero Emissions
  • Superior reliability and availability
  • Low life-cycle costs
  • Optimized profitability
  • Rapid implementation
  • Environmental compatibility