About Bankset Energy Group

Bankset Energy Group is a major investor in the renewable Energy Sector. From power plant construction to electricity production and distribution for the grid, and trading or procurement of electricity to industrial groups, Bankset Energy aims to offer a global range of products and services.

From Solar photovoltaic energy production to wind turbines or hydroelectric power plants, Bankset Energy innovative technologies provide real-world solutions to our customers' toughest challenges. Well-known and widely respected across the industry and throughout the world, Bankset Energy offers technologically advanced products and services. From our Energy Management businesses we help our customers produce energy efficiently, reliably, cost effectively and with greater awareness of environmental responsibility.

Bankset Energy has developed real, smart grid solutions to address the planet's energy infrastructure needs and create an integrated, sustainable solution capable of handling power challenges for the next 200 years. Smart grid solutions improve performance; they are real and running. Intelligence and control improvements result in better ways to manage energy usage and control costs. We are building a re-imagined power grid with: Real. Renewable. Smart. Solutions.